Thomas Kiaer: Wonderland


Thomas Kiaer express himself in pictures in more than one sense of the word, his paintings contain several more pictures integrated into the painting.

Often, he uses ikons or well known photos combined with his own photos or completely unknown photos found in the media. The paintings show a stream of consciousness
where a dialogue between the possibilities in the material and the depicted, is attempted. The idea og the painting is welded into the canvas and the physical presence of color.

Kiaer combines known, unknown and his own photos in his works, not always on canvas but many other materials such as plastic og floral prints. These combined ikons and photos give each other a new significance, and lend us a new understanding of the work before us.

He may add a bubble of color – perhaps soap bubbles ? They add an ironic touch to
the scenery : Is, what we are looking at, a vision, that will disappear, when the bubble
bursts ? Can we keep, what we see ? It gives a witty comment to the Goethe quote: ”Verweile doch, Du bist so sch÷n ”.

Colors are present, all the palette is in use, here laid out heavyly and thick, there with a light touch, lazerated as always in the boubbles – you may almost see through them.
The combinations in the painting are often trees, branches or a landscape that is
added on ’top’ in Thomas’ fee style, close up or far away. In this way he creates a
space between the ’pictures’…

Wibeke Vadstrup
Bie & Vadstrup gallery
August, 2014

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